Musician, Vocal researcher, Composer, improviser.  Her first solo album “Nuhk”, released by dEN Records in 2013 and supported by an Italian and European tour, got greats feedbacks in the worldwide underground scene. She released her second album in March 2018 TRANSMUTATIONS [I].
She has shared the stage with artists like LYDIA LUNCH and AUTHOR&PUNISHER.

She performed at many festivals like “Signal”, “Inner_Spaces”, “Muviments”, ”Novara Jazz” ”Purci Dance Party2017” (with POSSESSED), “Frantic” etc. She works with the band “SYK” which released the first album “Atoma” through the Czech label “L’Inphantile Collective” and recently signed a deal with Philip H. Anselmo’s  “HouseCore Records” for the release brand new S Y K’s album I-OPTIKON.
2017 I-Optikon it’s been supported by an Italian and European Tour together with Housecore Records band Child Bite.
2018 tour around Europe. Italy and Slovenija together with GODFLESH.

She collaborates with Combat Astronomy, Stefano Ferrian, Carnenera, Francesco Zago, Yugen, Nu-Timbre, Claudio Milano, Mikolaj Trzaska and many others.  “Tempo Reale Festival2013” award with Filippo Mereu’s electroacoustic composition “Opera Macchina”.

TRANSMUTATIONS [I] the yin side: 
An introspective journey through the deepest side of the mind. Delicate vocals are interleaved by electronic sounds with a mechanical taste.
Transmutations [I] It’s the first part of a ”bidimensional” combination. Initially, It recalls the ”aquatic/receptive” side of the human mind (yin), afterward the ”fire/active” (yang) that will be released soon.





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